At some time in life, we will face the loss of someone we love. Loss is a part of being human and affects us all.  As common as it is, we frequently do not know where to turn to understand our feelings of grief or how to find help and support for ourselves or others.

Personal Stories of Loss

Established in 2009, the Delaware Grief Awareness Consortium is a group of interested volunteers with expertise and experience in the delivery of supportive services to grieving children and adults.

The Consortium’s mission is to promote the public’s understanding of the processes and expression of grief in friends, families, and communities and to connect people with help and resources when and where they are needed.

With compassion, resources, and a grief-aware community, there is hope for healing.

“Many members of the Delaware Grief Awareness Consortium have experienced a significant loss and want to share their insights, help and hope with you.”

…If you would like us to help on your journey, please contact us.  We can be reached by sending email to:  Support@degac.org.