Delaware Grief Resource Directory

The Delaware Grief Awareness Consortium provides this updated directory of resources for use by all Delawareans who are experiencing loss and grief as well as by their family members, friends and counselors. Our hope is that this directory will lead you to resources available in your local community that will help you understand your thoughts and processes common in grieving the loss of a loved one and that will provide you an opportunity to share your feelings with others who understand and can provide support.
 In this edition, we have divided the directory into distinct groups of services so that you may access them easily and quickly. 
Crisis and Mental Health Services and Police and Victim Services are designed to address your immediate and acute short-term needs for information and support. The primary focus of the agencies listed is to provide for your safety and immediate well-being during and after crisis. Some of these services consist of phone support only, while others may provide face-to-face support, though, typically for a short period of time.
Grief Support Groups and Services are listed separately by county. These include group programs that may be conducted over weeks or on an ongoing basis. Some organizations provide one-on-one or family support. It is important to call or email the organization providing the support service to confirm the location and time of support group programs. Group support services are designed to help those who are grieving a loss by working with you through this difficult time. These services often connect you with others who are going through similar situations and experiences in a support group setting. You may also receive written materials and referrals to other organizations, such as those listed in the Service Agencies section. Support services are designed to offer guidance to you as you negotiate the normal, but often difficult and painful path through your grief.
Over the last couple of years, we have expanded our listing of Books for Children and Adults as well as Internet Resources. Many of these library listings are available locally. We would like to acknowledge the wonderful support of the Christiana Care Health System librarians in adding many new books that are available to the public on loan at their three libraries.
When significant sources of stress occur simultaneously, complicating your grief, or the loss has a significant and enduring impact on your life that makes it difficult to function at work, school, or home, you may need to find help from a mental health nurse practitioner, counselor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. Treatment will be individualized to your needs and may include individual, family or group therapy.
Disclaimer:  The listings in this directory are meant to be as accurate, up-to-date and complete as possible. The Delaware Grief Awareness Consortium does not intend for this to be a recommendation of specific services for specific individuals or families. There is no rating system and we do not have the capacity to evaluate each program or agency. We solely strive to bring as much information to you as possible with regard to the services and resources available for those who are grieving. You are welcome to print this directory for personal use or for use by your clients, but this information cannot be sold.  The Delaware Grief Awareness Consortium reference should be retained. Please send any changes or additions to